Eric Davis Voice-Overs are geared toward the recording and creation of high-quality broadcast and non-broadcast audio and audio-to-video productions.  We have over 30 years of experience in the voice over production industry and can create compelling audio productions for any type of media:

  • PowerPoint Audio Presentations
  • Web Video and Multi-Media Presentations
  • IVR and Telephone Systems
  • Radio and Television Commercials
  • Internal Corporate Training Productions
  • Flash Video Presentations
  • Voice Over Demos
  • Podcasts and Marketing Audio Productions
  • E-Learning and Internet Audio Help Files

Eric Davis Voiceover Intro

When it comes to what we do, well, it’s pretty simple…we specialize in audio production; voice over talent casting and audio design and recording for video productions.

We work from a visual perspective on a great deal of productions. We’re very easy to work with when it comes to audio for video or motion picture, as we speak the language and understand the demands of video production.

Business Description & Vision

Eric Davis Voice-Overs primary mission is to produce superior, retainable audio for its clients marketing aspirations, objectives, and goals.

Our vision is to become the premier voice-over organization that businesses seek first when searching for cutting-edge audio for their marketing strategy. We have more than 30 years of professional commercial broadcast and voice-over experience.

Eric Davis will personally oversee all audio production for radio and television commercials, radio programs, internet sites, company events, DVDs, theater productions, telephone systems and more.

Definition of the Market

As long as industry promotes to the general market, advertisement will be the cornerstone to their success.  Eric Davis Voice-Overs will meet the need of each client with progressive profit-making audio answers to capture your key demographic you wish to target.  We work with major corporations, small businesses, churches & individuals, with that stated, our market is global.